Monday, April 18, 2011

R.E.E.F. Volunteer Surveys!

Today was Day Two with the hardy group of volunteers conducting R.E.E.F. Surveys off the boat on our Lanai 2 tank charter. Group 1 today was our survey group... their mission... identifying and counting fish species!

From REEF's website:
REEF's mission, to educate and enlist divers in the conservation of marine habitats, is accomplished primarily through the Volunteer Survey Project... The project allows volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations as well as selected invertebrate and algae species along the West Coast of the US and Canada. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method, and are housed in a publicly-accessible database on REEF's Website. These data are used by a variety of resource agencies and researchers. 

You can learn more on their website:

We have two more REEF Survey trips scheduled this week: Wednesday (4/20) & Thursday (4/21)... call our office for more details!  808-667-0611

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